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As many of you know, we moved last week. It was a 2-day adventure and unpredictable circumstances happened. As much as we prepare for these situations, we are never fully aware of what to expect until we are in them and never know what to expect. The unexpected are growing pains you are experience. Your entire journey with food right now is very similar. Not knowing what to expect mentally, emotionally, physically, and sometimes just winging it but using the skills you are learning from your plans.

Are we supposed to be perfect all the time? Absolutely not, how boring would life be if we were all perfect.

Last week, we let our food sources run dry from our old house to prepare for the new. I was fully prepared to be making choices that I do not align with nutritionally. I was okay with that decision and the choices I was going to be making as well as the consequences to those said choices.

So, the story begins...

As we began to move forward with packing up the house and the truck, you could feel the stress building in the house. Did we get everything? Are they going to complain about this not being perfect? Is the house clean? What are we going to do with the dogs? Are we going to have enough room in the truck? (no we didn't, I had to get another truck the morning of our move lol) Will we have enough people to help us move? (no we didn't lol but grateful for the help we had and I do not rely on anyone for things I can do myself) Whoops...did I just put a hole in the dry wall when I was taking out a nail while giving myself a mild concussion? You bet I did. So, those thoughts, plus more are just running through your mind... they start to build up and eventually a giant stress storm rolls right on through causing all kinds of damage and we wait until it is over to see what damage the storm has caused.

Wednesday- Packing Day - Robot programming into the weekend

On this day, my morning routine went well. I dropped off boxes at storage and came back to a giant bag of bagels that one of neighbors dropped off as a going away gift. I held off for a little while, but as the day got moving, I dove into the bag! I ended up eating two during the day that were smothered in cream cheese and butter. Not all at once but a little bit at a time as I was moving things to storage and into the truck. So, I was grazing.

After a long day of packing, we quickly realized that we required another truck, I reserved another one the next morning to be picked up at 7am, we had to be out of the house by 11am (LOL adding to the stress and mental instability) That night we ordered out from Harvest Restaurant, one of our favorite restaurants with great healthy foods. It was easy and convenient since we didn't have to cook anything. After dinner, I was extremely thirsty as expected and made sure to hydrate myself appropriately with Kombucha, WellWell, Coconut Water, and an electrolyte mix. I felt good about the day and was not concerned about anything I consumed that day, as my day was filled with heavy lifting and nonstop movement for about 16 hours.

Thursday- Moving Day - Robot Programming continued

After about 4 hours of solid sleep, we began our day at 6am. I promptly woke up to heating up 2 bagels and eating 1 quickly and letting the other stay out and I grazed on throughout the morning as we very quickly packed up the 2nd truck before 9am. Right before we locked the house up for good, I had another bagel. At this time, I had completely forgotten to hydrate at all. It is important to know that our body wants to hydrate through food first rather than liquid consumption.

After the settlement on our house, we passed by chick-fil-A and stopped to get food. This promptly put me to sleep as we were waiting our next time slot for settlement on our new house. At 3:30pm we were able to move into our new place. After about 3 hours or so, the bagels made another appearance, and I began snacking on them again until I ate another 1½ . A couple hours later, when the trucks were unloaded, we ordered Chipotle and we devoured every last piece.

Friday - Back to work and unpacking - Robot program has officially set in

When I mention Robot programming, I am referring to the mindless eating while completing other tasks. This will lead to poor decision making, mental instability, and stress...

I got up early again to be at work by 8:25am. I was prepared with my tea, ACV and Collagen as well as other forms of hydration because I could feel dehydrated. However, we had nothing for me to break my fast with except Rebbl Protein drink that I consumed as soon as I started teaching class (consuming while doing a task) and then a pretzel try strolled on by my class and I grabbed 2 and started working again while eating and didn't think anything of it...

The weekend continued with me ordering UNO pizza (the last bad meal) and then grazing on food I bought from the store on Saturday and Sunday while continuously working to unpack all of our stuff... and then Monday hit. Everything started to settle down as our house was finally becoming livable. I finally had time to sit down and think about what the last couple days entailed (everything I wrote in this blog were my thoughts on Monday).

The Storm has passed..

As I mindlessly do things, I consume more mindlessly. As I was literally a robot moving things in and out; my eating habits followed my lifestyle. The more stress I became the more I ate to help deal with the stress and the foods I was eating did not help with the stress. When I was eating, I was telling myself I deserved this, I NEED this.

That last part is true, sometimes you do need this. Sometimes we become mindless beings. The important part is reflecting and recognizing that being mindless is not a lifestyle we are meant for...

I was able to get myself back out of it by reflecting and focusing my attention back on me. For me, it was getting my kitchen situated so I was able to cook again. Once that happened, I made myself my Nutrition Plan for the week (I follow one too!) and put it up on my fridge. It was a vacation from my lifestyle. Sometimes too much of a good thing can become stressful itself... It's only been two days but I feel great again and I know that I made the decision to get back on track. Stress is gone, mental health is back up making good decisions, and nutrition is back on point!

The damage from my personal storm was not severe as I had endless energy for 2.5 days, crashed on Friday and then had more energy for the weekend, my lifestyle habits helped me tremendously as I am always working on myself in case of extreme situations like the last 5 days. After your storm passes, look at the damage and see what needs to be done to improve yourself!

It's okay to get off track, we have to get off track sometimes to realize that's not who we want to be anymore. Spend less time in the old and more time in the present!


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