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College Nutrition Program

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College Students
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Our College Program is group program with 4 sessions and about an hour each session.   We will begin with an introduction & background on the group with team building then move onto on-campus resources and dining options. Lastly we will work on your mental health and social engagement.


During session 1, we will be split into groups of your choosing (6 max/group). We will have a mediator for each group. In this session, we will begin with introductions and icebreakers. We will discuss this new adventure, college, in terms of what you are most excited about, where you would like to go (if anywhere), and what you’re most worried about. Next, we will begin talking about eating habits and if you would want to change anything about your routines with eating and/or working out. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about how to maintain these healthy habits while at school.

In week 2, we will provide tips and strategies on how to optimize your health and fitness when you arrive at college. We will dive into conversation on healthier options in the dining hall, mental health services and making exercise routines. 


Week 3 brings a focus on your mental health!  College can be stressful. New friends, living arrangements, schedules and more. We will discuss how to manage stress, co-exist with roommates and making time to put yourself through with meditation. 


During session 4, we will discuss social engagement. Mediators will discuss meeting new people, being out at night, and how to practice being safe in new situations. We will present situations to the group and we will discuss how to handle each different situation. These topics will include consent, safe engagement, alcohol, drugs, and how to properly feed yourself before engaging in night life.

Are you ready to put your best foot forward on campus?

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