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A Little About Honey Pot Health

Honey Pot Honey Comb.png
Honey Pot Honey Comb.png

Our Purpose is to help people on their Health Journey. We look to guide you to change your frequency in the body by developing a relationship with yourself.  Through Nourishment, Health Coaching, Positivity, Raising Vibrations, and Discovering yourself; we can help guide you on this path. Our goal is to help the body work synergistically.

A new world waits for YOU!

We can not reach our long term goals in one day. Our Bridge to accomplishments must be built with small attainable steps to instill discipline in ourselves. Your Bridge between goals and accomplishments is built with one disciplined step at a time.

Together we build successful steps.
Together we take this journey.
Together we build the bridge.
Together we discover YOU.
We create weekly meal plans to slowly awaken the body.
Honey Pot Honey Comb.png
We look to slowly clean the body of Endocrine Disruptors.
Honey Pot Honey Comb.png
We open your eyes to Possibility and Discovery.

Our Colony Leaders



Health Coach

We can do this! You are strong. You are important. Your goals are meaningful. You are your best self.



Health Coach

I will be your rock; I will listen and will be there during your journey every step of the way. I can’t wait to work with you, so let’s dive right into the Hive!


Jim Hayden

Owner, The Honey Pot Health

Food. Life. Love. Light. Vibration. Frequency. Knowledge is Power. Implementing that Knowledge and seeing results will take you to a higher level of consciousness.

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