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Where has the time gone?

When I get to a point where I ask myself “how is it already the end of October?!” Or any month for that matter, that’s a sure sign that I need to slow myself down. This is really challenging for me, because I tend to busy myself often so that I don’t have to slow down. But I get to this place, and then remind myself that slowing down is a huge piece of self care. If you don’t slow down, typically what happens is you just go through the motions of life without thinking. And then time passes so quickly and you wonder how these months just flew by without you noticing. This means it’s time to re-ground yourself. Bring yourself back to earth and focus on the present moment. How do you do this? Focus on your five senses. Notice your breathing, notice what you can see, notice where you are, what you’re doing, what you can touch, taste, smell, etc. Taking time to focus on these things throughout your day in general is so important. But more specifically, when you feel like time is moving too fast (like I have felt recently) this is an important practice to re-visit. Take time for yourself, breathe, and enjoy the moment. All of the other things can wait. But the present moment is right here, so use it. It’s so important to help bring yourself back down and notice what’s right in front of you!


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