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Ancient Herbal concoctions that use herbs, not commonly used in the human diet, infused with Apple Cider vinegar. Fire Ciders are typically used for Immune and Digestive support during the fall and winter months. These ciders are known to help prevent colds and flus or to help reduce the length of sickness. They sit and ferment for weeks at a time allowing bacteria to grow to support a healthy Microbiome in the intestines. 

Now, Fire Ciders are being brewed to support overall wellness.

Each Herbalist will have different recipes, but the bases remain consistent

Tap into The Sweet Taste of Health

1 Teaspoon Every Morning is all you need

Base Benefits of Fire Cider


Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Balances Body pH – relieves heartburn – Can help relieve acid reflux – relieves gout – regulates blood sugar levels  – lowers cholesterol – improves skin – reduces blood pressure – reduces symptoms of acid reflux - supports healthy weight loss – can relieve sinus pressure and infection – reduces inflammation in the body – can reduce symptoms of arthritis – Boosts gut health – enhances circulation – fights against seasonal allergies – whitens teeth – relieves cold symptoms – supports body detoxification – soothes sore throat – stops hiccups



  • Linked to reducing heart disease, stroke, cancer, and infections.  Recognized by the National Cancer Institute as a vegetable with potential anticancer properties – Consumption of Garlic is linked to reduced risk of certain cancers (stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and breast) – Helps control high blood pressure – helps treat cold and infections – reduces oxidative stress in the body – supports circulation – supports healthy blood sugar levels - 



  • Enhances immunity – fights certain cancers – contain antioxidants – contains flavonoids-  protect against blood clot formations – support cardiovascular health – improve blood circulation – contains GPCS (Gamma L Glutamyl – trans – S-1-propenyl – L – Cysteine sulfoxides) that inhibit the breakdown of bone – supports blood sugar control – supports arthritis – reduces inflammation in the lungs – reduces respiratory infections – supports fertility


- When Garlic & Onions are consumed together, they are a Natural Antibiotic -


Horse Radish

  • Rich in antioxidants – prevents bacterial growth – fights off illness – natural diuretic – supports respiratory health – fights urinary tract infections – contains cancer fighting agents – supports the digestive system – regulate bowl movements – helps rid body of excess cholesterol, fast, and other wastes – relieves inflammation – supports weight loss –



  • Can support motion sickness – supports brain function – jammed packed with antioxidants – supports cardiovascular health – fights fungal infections – protects against stomach ulcers – protects against indigestion, fatigue, heartburn and abdominal discomfort – eases menstrual pains – can inhibit cancer growth – supports healthy blood glucose levels – can help relieve joint and muscle pain – support cholesterol levels – fights against bacterial infections

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