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Jim Hayden

Owner, The Honey Pot Health


Food. Life. Love. Light. Vibration. Frequency.
A little background on me… growing up, I was always active, playing sports, playing outside until the streetlight came on! This was a lifestyle that I thrived on during my childhood. As I got older, wrong decisions were made for the sports I wanted to play verses the sports I ended up playing. My body was literally falling apart before my eyes and then at 24...BOOM. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

After many Doctors appointments and hearing the same information over and over, I felt that I was leaving the office with very little information and no hope. I was told to eat less carbs, use insulin, and get familiar with medical devices. This is not their fault; this is the fault of a system. The nutritional professionals that were recommended to me did not help much either. It was kind of the same information. Eat less carbs and stay away from sugar… Great!

Looking back at it and my lifestyle choices, I should not be surprised. My life consisted of a steady consumption of high processed carbohydrates, fast foods, soda, alcohol, antibiotics, poor and little physical activity after high school. My lifestyle was a reflection of what I was taught growing up through society and the “Mainstream Lifestyle”. I became what I ate, what I was taught, and I identified as my diseases and nothing else.

I tried to take control of my life. I thought I was eating better, but in reality, I wasn’t. I cannot tell you the exact day, nor can I tell you what clicked in my head, but I woke up one day and said, “I am not doing this anymore”. I decided to make a change.

I reached out to an old acquaintance, Brian Kane, and ended up becoming a member at his gym. His gym changed my life. It made me begin to feel again. This became one part of my journey as Evolution Fitness later brought in a Nutrition Therapist. This was another world that I was interested in, but I was unaware of how powerful nutrition would become.

“Let Food be Thy Medicine” became a whole new meaning. I became immediately obsessed and saw drastic improvement in my physical, diabetic, mental, and emotional health.

I eventually made the decision to go to the Nutritional Therapy Institute myself. Classes came so easy to me as if I were meant to be doing this for me! 5 years later, I am down 65lbs and using less units of insulin every three days. I have made my body into a metabolic machine. My stress and anxiety are under control, my mental state of mind is stable and improving drastically every day, disease is short lived or non-existent, injuries are few and far between as recovery time is accelerated, and my dream to cure myself of type 1 diabetes is in reach. I no longer self-sabotage, I treat people with respect, I deal with my feelings to get through them, and I look to better the world every day. I am a completely transformed person. Light and Love fill my soul and I want to share it with everyone!

So here it is … Honey Pot Health, my Nutrition Wellness Business! I am following through on what makes me happy and I am very appreciative for everyone who has given me the opportunity to work with them. I want nothing more than to see our clients feel better through nutrition.

Knowledge is Power. Implementing that Knowledge and seeing results will take you to a higher level of consciousness.

For my complete story check out my blog "What lead me to be the man I am today. My Story."

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