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Get to know Erin & her passions

Hi! I’m Erin :) I decided to begin my career in lifestyle and health coaching after recognizing the true passions I have within this field. I began my career as a classroom teacher, where I quickly realized the passion I have for mental health and well-being in people of all ages. I began taking classes about mindfulness and truly fell in love with the work I was being taught. After more consideration, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor - where I really began some self-searching and finding myself and true passions. Yoga training for me became more of a work towards self-growth than it did to become a teacher at first. I learned a lot about myself and what I want to do to feed my own soul, and in turn to feed others’ souls.

After becoming a yoga instructor about a year post certification, learning more about this self-work I had committed to became so important in my life. I’ve always loved diving in deep with others’ thoughts, feelings, emotions, and habits, and this self deep diving made those passions even stronger. I truly started to look more deeply into myself during yoga training and teaching and have loved what I’ve found.

To continue this work, I decided to find my own life coach. The transformation I’ve found myself making through this work is priceless. I have never felt like I’ve known myself more than I do now through this coaching work coupled with the therapy I attend - as well as continuing to practice and teach yoga and meditation. I strongly believe coaching is something that anyone can benefit from to really get to know themselves, to find out who they are on the inside, and to reach for all of the things they want out of life.

I’m proud of the coaching career I have decided to pursue. I know how effective it is and I will always be an advocate for people diving deeper to find who they really are and who they want to be. I feel lifestyle and health coaching truly fit hand in hand with one another. I have had a lot of success with finding foods that make me feel really good because of the mindful practices I have been able to accomplish during this self-searching time.

If you feel so intrigued, take some time to tune into you! Remember to always be kind to yourself and listen to what your mind and body are telling you they need. The time is now, and it has always been now. Be here, be you, be mindful. Look for yourself - you’ve always been what you need. Listen, push forward, and learn who you need YOU to be.

Peace, love and light,

Erin :)


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