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Get Back Your Motivation!

The past few weeks, I have felt sluggish, down, and unmotivated. It has been challenging for me to accomplish what I feel like I want to accomplish and stick to my goals. This had a lot to do with the fact that I was traveling for a week, and when I came home I was exhausted. Those factors did not help my motivation to be home and get back into accomplishing my goals. However, this week, I noticed how many excuses I was using to not complete my tasks. I quickly realized that I just had to get back into my groove. I find myself going in and out of these feelings throughout each year. Somedays feel amazing and feel like I can accomplish so much, while others I feel like I’m failing and need to do more. So I have to help myself reset and get back into the motivational mindset I know I need to succeed. Those mindset shifts help me so much to continue achieving the goals I know I am able to achieve. How does this resonate in your life? Do you feel like some weeks are easier for you than others? What changes that? How can you get yourself back to your motivational mindset? I used my morning routine that I have in place more consistently in order to feel motivated to really accomplish what I want to accomplish each day. I find routine and consistency being a huge theme in my life especially recently. So take time and reflect: do you need more consistency to maintain motivation? What does that look like for you? Play around with this thought through reflection and enjoy your up coming days. Make the most of them and continue those motivational mindsets!!


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